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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

stash busting stripes

Needing to seriously seriously alleviate my  'down-time-stress-syndrome' as well as giving an 'anti-stress-from-work' relief I needed to knit and I needed to KNIT NOW!

This was a bit of a problem as I didn't actually having anything to knit with other than stash.

So.....I started a stash-busting scarf.

It is nearly double the length now, Youngest has already wrapped it around his neck and made smiley mmmm mmmm noises - ah ha! A chrimbly pressie me thinks :)

Excuse me, off to knit a little more before going off to bed - going to try to pre-empt any work angst!!


  1. Hello Hawthorn
    Not sure if you've popped over to my blog this evening but I wanted to let you know that you are the winner of my little give-away. Congratulations! You now will have some more yarn to add to your stash :o) I know that almost desperate need to knit NOW!! I'm glad I am not the only one who feels like that. My email is : violetsandvelvet@gmail.com if you'd like to pop me an email with your postal address that would be great xox I also made a bit of a "Dr. WHo" type long multi-coloured scarf with left over bits from my stash last winter and it's now my most favourite scarf. Your's is looking fab x Penelope

  2. It's growing quickly seems you've really picked up speed with the knitting or maybe it's just high stress levels. Stash busting is a good thing, it allows you to feel virtuous and makes room for more stash!

  3. Oh it is looking so good and snuggly. Most days I am thankful for my craft activities which I use to banish work from my mind. I spend a lot of time mulling over what to make next, anything to push work out of my mind. So I am with you on finding ways to de-stress.

  4. Love the stash scarf - nicely stripey! Not surprised Youngest is eyeing it up! xx

  5. What's the rather fabulous woolly animal nestling amongst the scarf?

  6. I can't see that knitting scarves when you've got cold weather is escapism!!

    An aside- we're sleeping under a wwol filled duvet here in NZ- perfect for cold or hot weather!!

  7. Saw this scarf in the flesh (or is it in the wool?) last night - the colours in the pictures do not do it justice. It is looking terrific - very suitable for whom it is intended! He will love it. xx

  8. I was about to say the same as Jak but I have been beaten to the comments! It is so soft and snuggly too.


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