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Monday, 5 November 2012

Heading for the Hills

Sunday was a crisp and cool autumnal morning. 
A few essential jobs to do before we are free to play out.
A quick visit to Settle town.
Then  on to the hills.

Over the Dales, with snowy topped hills all around

Had a smile at car sticker-humour
in the village of Langcliffe

We stopped by the river Ribble,
sitting the the sunshine
drinking tea
drinking in the view

when we returned off the hills
the sun was disappearing behind the skyline.
Time to head back - the boys were hungry (mind you so were we!)

Today is Monday - another start to another week. hey ho... 

Hope you had a lovely weekend where ever you are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hawthorn


  1. Thank you for sharing your walk with us. Excellent photographs - those autumnal colours are gorgeous. xx

  2. What a lovely weekend you had! Gorgeous colours in your photos. Thank you for sharing them. Xxx

  3. Love your pictures Hawthorne...... the scenery is stunning.
    Jacquie x

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