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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Taking lots of new steps

Hi there, just popped back to see how things were and to remind you that this blog has now ceased. I now have a new blog but will not be 'advertising' the link here, if you want to pop in to my new wafflings just tap HERE,  and below my profile photo is says EMAIL, just tap on that and send me some contact details and I will reply with my new URL.

I have been surprised and delighted at how many emails I have received so far, so thank you if you have already followed me over.

Lots has happened since my last posting but sshhhh - you'll have to pop over if you want to catch up :)


  1. Am still unable to reach you through email:( I need to have default email set up to make that work and I don't know how. Is there an actual email address which I could use to go on the list? The link opens up an email account for people who know what they are doing but for me I get a message telling me that it can't as default email is not set up.

  2. Hello - welcome back. I knew I should keep your old link with my other fav bookmarks!


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